Using Netvibes

Netvibes is a great personal start page. One feature I had not noticed before is the tabs feature. Using the tabs feature, I now have the following tabs set up:

  1. Productivity: GMail checker, GMail Calendar, Laptop Lounge Calendar (via Google Calendar..I love that you can subscribe to iCal calendars using Google Calendar).
  2. News: headlines from MSNB, CNN
  3. Social Web: the latest stories on Digg and
  4. Bookmarks: all of my bookmarks on
  5. Photos: the RSS feed for my photos (mostly my daughter) at Flickr, also Flickr memories, a good feed of pictures I can use for wallpaper.
  6. Weather: five week forecast of weather in Tampa
  7. Podcasts: the top 2 or 3 podcasts I listen to. I discovered that you can even play them using an embeded player with Netvibes, so no need to open up a separate window, etc.

Netvibes is a great way to have all the information you need in one place (page). The only other window I need to have open is Pandora, currently my favorite website.


About Luis Perez

This blog was created to support students in the USF College of Education Laptop Initiative. Here you will find links to cool websites and software, as well as ideas for integrating technology in the classroom.

Posted on August 28, 2006, in tips, websites. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I like Netvibes, but I also use Protopage and Pageflakes – which gives me more customization options.


  2. Yes, there are many personal start pages. In addition to the ones you listed, Goowy is another option, and both Yahoo and Google have start pages you can customize. I like the clean interface of Netvibes, as well as the integrated Podcast player. I also like how fast the page loads despite all the tabs I have set up.

    BTW, PageFlakes was down when I visited. I have an account on Protopages, but I had not visited PageFlakes before. Thanks for the link.


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