New version of Picasa

I usually write only about Mac applications, but since a lot of people have dual boot machines (or have two machines), I thought I would mention that one of my favorite Windows programs just got even better.  Picasa (as close to iPhoto as you can get on the PC), has added a bunch of new features:

  • Labels are now called Albums.  They work the same way, but there is an album called screensaver that is automatically created for you.  Any images you drag to that album will become part of your Windows screensaver.  Nothing spectacular (the Mac has been able to do this for a while), but a nice addition to the program.
  • You can create a movie with a bunch of photos and Picasa will use the Album title and description as the title of the movie.  The movie includes the “Ken Burns effect” a la iMovie, but you don’t have as much control over it.  I hope they continue to improve on this feature.
  • You can now geotag images with Google Earth from within Picasa.  I will be using this feature quite a bit to add location information to my images.
  • I have not had a chance to test this out yet, but it looks like you can send images from your PC to a Tivo using Picasa.  I have the Tivo Desktop installed already, so maybe I’ll give this a shot later this week.

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This blog was created to support students in the USF College of Education Laptop Initiative. Here you will find links to cool websites and software, as well as ideas for integrating technology in the classroom.

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  1. My best friend referred me to Picasa last week as I’d never used this software before and I must agree it is absolutely amazing – it’s like have a photo store in your home and best of all it’s a free download!

    Google it – you will love it I’m sure.

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