Encouraging Writing through Skribit

Writing is still king in education. The tools have changed but many of the challenges remain. Instead of pen and paper, writers are using the computer and blogs to share their stories, ideas, and experiences. After a time almost every writer in his or her career has experienced a lull in their writing, writers block. Many young writers struggle with writing. The barriers range from understanding the language to identifying and fleshing out  a creative idea. Skribit is a social networking tool for bloggers. It allows the reader to make topic suggestions to the writer. Other users can see previous suggestions which should limit duplication of future topic ideas being suggested. Once a topic has been suggested, the writer can quickly provide feedback as to whether they will or will not write about a a particular topic.

This is a great tool for teachers using blogs in their classroom. This is a way for students and teachers to share creative ideas for writing assignments.


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