Using Siri with VoiceOver

We just recently met with Luis of who showed us a new tip for using Siri with VoiceOver.  Luis will have a much more detailed description posted on his website.

Being able to use VoiceOver and Siri together is an awesome feature.  If you have ever tried to type using VoiceOver you know how tedious and time consuming creating a short text message can be.  Now on the iPhone 4S, you can tap the microphone icon in the keyboard, tap your screen once with one finger to begin dictating to Siri. Double-tap the screen with two fingers to stop dictating to Siri and have your text appear in a message or search box.

Let me know any other cool features with Siri or iOS 5 that you have discovered.


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  1. My wife uses this all the time to dictate messages when she doesn’t feel like dealing with typing a long message with VoiceOver. The odd thing is she has to dismiss dictation by holding one finger down and tapping once with another finger, even though the voice hint still says to double-tap. Have you heard of this and how to change it back to normal? If it helps, she used the rotor to switch VoiceOver to touch-typing mode, but I don’t think that mattered with dictation.

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