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Managing Group Projects Online with Google Docs and

Many  times in academia students are asked to work in groups to finish an assignment such as a research paper, video, or other project. While  many educators advocate group projects in education, how often are students not provided the necessary tools to coordinate and manage their group projects?  Businesses use project management tools to coordinate their tasks, efforts and documents all the time.  Why shouldn’t students in college regardless of them being in Business degree program or not?

At the University of South Florida, students’ emails are now powered by Google Apps. The university has provided students the collaboration tools by becoming a Google University. Here students can work together on papers, presentations, websites, and even conversation with Google talk while being in different parts of the state or country.   Google Docs allows the students the access to this type of collaboration, but in itself does not handle the management of meetings, tasks, milestones, Due dates and features that are used in business to manage group projects.


Many Moon dot com Home Page provides many project management tools with in its online environment. Another great feature is students can login into with their  USF student email address (i.e. and use the service for free!  Students just need to choose Google Apps from the login menu.

Choose Google Apps

In the next box the student types in their USF email address.  The next window will ask for permission to use their email account with

sign in with student email address

After students have logged in to the system, they will have the ability to create projects.  Once the project has been created, other students can be invited by email, tasks and milestones can be created, and Google Docs can be created or attached to the new project.

Create a Task

Links in Manymoon such as  Documents, members, events, calendars Students are presented with a project dashboard, which provides easy access to many of the features of

The Many Moon service is free for with storage limitations and some features are not included. Branding, Customizability, More Storage, Email features, and other extra features that are more like “Nice to Haves” are apart of Many Moon paid for features. Click the image below to learn more about the upgrade options of Many Moon. 

The University of South Florida is adding to its collection of technology tools to benefits students in their course work. The addition of Google Apps and Many Moon is just an example of this forward thinking Research One University.


Aviary: Online Imaging Editing Suite

In K-12 education finding tools to teach 21st Century Skills can be expensive. There is buying the software, keeping up with minor updates, and the pressure of staying up-to-date every year or so when a new version is released. Even if you are able to obtain a computer lab with a site license of your favorite image manipulation software, what happens when students return home from school each day and do not have access to these tools?

Aviary Tools

Aviary Tools

A startup company has created Aviary is an online suite of tools for artist and photo imaging enthusiasts. The Aviary Suite contains tools for editing images, screen capture, creating and editing vector images, creating visual image effects, image markups, color swatch editor, music creator, and audio editor.  All of the tools are accessed via an online account. A gallery is also provided  for users to proudly post their art for others to see.  For educators this may not be ideal as students may stumble across images that may be considered to provocative or controversial for the classroom.  This one reason why Aviary has an education version of its site.

Aviary Education ( provides educators a safe environment to allow their students to freely create, edit and peruse other students’ digital art work.

The website states it provides educators the ability to:

• Create private student accounts
• Manage assignments and projects
• Use the image editor, vector editor, audio editor & music creator
• All content and images are 100% school safe”.

Currently Aviary Education is a free beta program that a teacher would have to request access to for her class to enjoy the the benefits it has to offer.

Recently the creators of Aviary have teamed up with Google to provide access to the aviary tools via your Google Login.  Gmail users who use Google Docs to collaborate with peers and colleagues can take advantage of the image and audio editing tools, sharing their creations via Google Docs.  Now students can work together on visual projects or audio mixes.

Schools who have signed up for Google Apps access can choose to have Aviary added to their Google Docs. The University of South Florida is one university that has provided access for its students to these tools.  Aviary can be accessed by signing into your USF Mail account and clicking on the More link at the top.

The Aviary Tool Set (from

Aviary Tool Set

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