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Facebook New Features-New Privacy Features

Facebook will be implementing new changes next week. You may have already noticed the “Become a Fan” button has been replaced with the the Like button that is used already on comments of the wall or your news feed. The Facebook will also place “Pages” in a more visible place on your profile page. How many people actually scroll to the bottom of the info tab to see the pages a friend is a fan. This will give bands, business, and other pages like ours better advertisement.

Facebook Custom Personization

Instant Personalization

Facebook is also partnering with sites such as Microsoft Docs, Yelp, and Pandora to make connecting with others even easier.  There is an option to opt out of this feature, but its important to know that your public information can still be shared by friends unless you block the apps.

Facebook Connect to Microsoft Docs

Facebook Connect to Microsoft Docs

With the implementation of these new features it is important to make sure you know with whom you and your friends are actually sharing your information.

More changes to the features in Facebook may be in store. For more information view this story from NPR.

More about the updated “Like” feature:!/sitetour/connect.php

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