Enhanced Podcast on Windows

Yes, it is possible to do it.  I tried it yesterday.  You have to download Windows Media Encoder, then use one of the components called Windows File Editor (WME is a suite of the encoder and a couple of tools, one of which is the file editor).  You can then open your file and play it back.  You can pause at different points and add a marker.  You can also add a script that will open a website, but I did not like the way this worked.  First of all, the person viewing the file has to change their preferences for the scripts to work (Tools > Options > Security > Allow scripts).  Second, the scripts are activated without user intervention in a way that is a little abrupt.  It would be better if the links showed up on the screen while the file is playing so you then had an option.  I don’t know if the new WMP supports this or if it works differently under Vista with the new WMP.

Once you’re finished setting markers, do a File > Save and Index and save your file with a new file name.  To use the markers, open it with Windows Media Player and then go to File > Markers and select the marker you want to skip to.

I tried to convert the file into iPod format using Videora, but the markers were gone.  What you can do is save two versions (one for the computer that can be viewed using WMP, and one for the iPod that has been converted using Videora).  If you don’t have Videora, go out and grab it.  This is a great little program that allows you to do a one-click conversion of any .wmv file to .mp4, which can be played on the iPod.


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