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Blackboard 9 is now launched at USF!

If you have logged into your account (blackboard), you will be greeted with a completely new design.

Not only did USF upgrade to Blackboard 9, the media innovation team (MIT) also branded the system with USF colors and unique icon sets. This version of blackboard is suppose to be more user friendly and a lot less clicks.

USF Blackboard 9 Welcome Tab

The new blackboard has a web 2.0 feel, similar to using a website such as Facebook. Even the look of Blackboard can be changed by clicking on the Personalize Page button. The content boxes on each page, also known as modules, can be easily rearranged by click and dragging the top of the box. The navigation has been redesigned to provide easier access to commonly used sections of the blackboard system. Instead of having a long myUSF page, related content is grouped together on separate pages, such as News, Games, and Academics.


Games within the Blackboard System

The system has also provided a My Places link at the top of every page. This will allow quick access to any course or organization the student or faculty is a member. Here a photo can also be uploaded as well as few personal options changed.

My Places

My Places, where you can quickly access a course or organization

The Library tab was completely redesigned for the better in my opinion. Now everyone can see the general locations of each USF library, including corresponding contact information. Clicking on the name of the library will take you to the corresponding newly redesigned library site.

Choose your Library


It seems MIT was trying to design MyUSF with a edgy and  hip feel, and I think they accomplished that feat.  Many tasks with in blackboard are done with less clicks and waiting, but it will probably take faculty and staff time to learn the workflow for the new system. MIT is creating training videos that will be hosted on their website. The TIPS site will also have quick tips for blackboard hosted on its site as well. For more information concerning the upgrade process of Blackboard you can also visit the myUSF news Blog.

Enjoy your break and we will see you back in the spring!


MyUSF upgrades to BB9

Friday, USF IT announced that Blackboard will be undergoing a facelift. This will not be the standard update. Blackboard will be updated to BB9. The creators have really tried to implement many web 2.0 features such as Drag and Drop info boxes (similar to your Facebook page), less clicking, and a somewhat redesigned grade center. The creators of blackboard have teamed up with NBC/Universal

Studios, to give professors and students access to the NBC News archive (Hundreds of news video footage from local and national NBC stations and affiliates, grouped by subject.) December 18th the new version of Blackboard will roll out, but if you want to see what it looks like now you can visit:

Tutorials for the new blackboard will becoming over the winter break.

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