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eBooks Access in Library At USF

Many institutions have begun to research the use of digital books in the libraries and within their courses.  Google Search: eBooks in higher Educaiton The use of digital books in institutions of higher education has been a popular topic in education for a few years now with the popular adoption of digital eReaders tablet devices such as the Kindle, Nook, iPad and now recent announcement of the Windows Surface Tablet

If you have one of these devices institutions are acquiring portals to accommodate you and your mobile device.  At the University of South Florida, students and faculty can check-out digital books on their tablet and smartphone devices.  

USF Digital Library and BookShelf

Save books to your bookshelf to check out later on your tablet or smartphone

  Download Book in PDF or ePub

  Download as PDF or ePubYou can choose to download your book as a PDF or ePub and specify the number of days of your book loan length.  When browsing your bookshelf on your tablet device or smartphone you will want an app like BlueFire Reader to open your books.  After your loan period has expired, the book will disappear from your device; this is where it is handy to save books to your “bookshelf” on the portal.  Doing this will allow you to quickly access and download the book again. 

If you decide not to use your tablet device or smartphone, but rather would like to download the book to your computer for easy access offline you will need to download Adobe Digital Editions.   For individuals who still love having paper in their hands when they read, the portal allows a limited number of prints (20% of each ebook).  In the book I viewed, it displayed that I had 120 prints available. You will need Adobe Reader to print or copy from the book. List of  Adobe Digital Editions compatible devices.


iPad Apps for Researching, Organizing, and Writing Papers

Streamlining your learning with technology makes education work seamlessly from any of your devices whether it is an iPhone, iPod, iPad, or the computer.  There are an overwhelming number of apps available for students to try as part of their work process.

Some resources that are valuable and worthwhile whether you are a freshman or working on your doctorate that we recommend are:

1.  GoodReader for iPad:  GoodReader is a mulit-tasking tool that supports large text and PDF files, syncs with remote servers, and works with .doc, .ppt, .xls, iWork, HTML and Safari webarchives, high resolution images, and audio and video.  This app, also allows you the opportunity to annotate your documents or PDF’s, manage the files, transfer files, sync files and folders, zoom, do a text search, and do a quick hyperlink search in your PDF’s.  Cost: $4.99

2.  Tap-Dictionary:  Works with the Safari web browser and gets dictionary definitions with the tap of a finger.  This app will not make you switch applications to find the definition.  It instantly finds the definition while you browse the web.  Tap-dictionary will pronounce the word in 56 different languages.  Cost: $.99

3.  Remember the Milk:  This utility app lets you take your to do list anywhere.  There are a variety of versions for the iPod, iPhone,and iPad.  The app also works with your online version that you sync with your calendars at  This app lets you add and complete tasks on the go, sync with your online version, organize priorities, due dates, search, receive reminders by email SMS and IM and much more.  Cost: Free

4.  Dropbox:  Once you download this feature to your computer and purchase the app on your iPad or iPhone you have the ability to save and open or share documents, photos, or videos anywhere  and at anytime.  The best thing about the dropbox account is that you can save, share, or email anything from or to the dropbox account at any time.  Cost: Free

5.  Dropvox:  Dropvox records audio and sends it directly to your dropbox account.    It can be used to capture any audio (e.g. interviews, memos, or lectures, ets.) In addition, you can set the audio to start recording immediately when dropvox is launched or continue recording in the background.    Cost: $1.99

Taken from Dr. Blog, PhD., this site shares information about apps for research with a focus on obtaining a PhD., but has many apps that are valid for everyone.

One of the most difficult things you can do academically is to get a PhD degree. There are a lot of tough tasks you have to complete in order to be awarded this high degree — including writing research papers. Indeed, anyone on a Ph.D. track knows that it is impossible to get through your schooling without writing several papers. And, of course, a Ph.D. dissertation is a research paper on a massive scale.

If you are looking for ways to improve your ability to write research papers, you are in luck. Technology makes it simple to get help with research papers. If you have an iPad, you can get help writing your research paper.” –from

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